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"My Story"
by Douggie Dinosaur

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My Story:

This is the inspirational and uplifting story of my life-long battle with all the things that I know I shouldn't be doing (that's right kids, all the illegal stuff).  As stipulated in my parole and community service agreement, I have agreed to come clean with the public and allow the story of my life to be adapted for the big screen.  It's the story of my redemption and subsequent fall from grace that lead to an even greater redemption followed by some more falling and some more redemption until the vicious cycle finally breaks - and it's at this unforgettable life-altering moment when I finally realize the truth:  "I can quit any time I want." **

It's the powerful and moving real-life story of a dinosaur who dared to dream.  A raw and gripping social-drama with 5 stars - two thumbs up - spellbinding fun for the whole family.  I'd also like to add that there were about 3 really awesome Golden Globe / Academy Award winning moments - but they cut 'em all out and left in only the funny parts - so now it's just a funny, hilarious comedy with a sick sense of humor (Gee, it's not like the internet has too many of those.  WTF?).  Oh well, whenever you're bored, drop by and maybe there will be a new episode for you to watch.

Your Buddy,
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Douggie Dinosaur

** starting tomorrow.

BTW, although it looks like a Flash Animation, this is in fact a reality tv documentary shot in digital video.  It was vectorized in post-production (hollywood stuff) so you'd think you're watching a cartoon and yes, I'm a real dinosaur.

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